About HWC

A bit about me I am a single mum with 4 children with 2 being adults their ages range from 26, 24, 15 & 6.

My journey down the HEALTHY road began when my daughter Miss C was diagnosed with ADHD 20 years ago when she was 4 years old, we took her off to the paediatrician like all determined and worried parents, when we were leaving his office feeling bewildered he said to us that he recommended putting her on medication, we said to him that we would prefer to try an elimination of preservatives and modifying her diet, he said to us if we were to go down that road he wouldn’t be able to see us.

Lucky for us Miss C, she hasn’t seen a paediatrician since, Miss C has now completed year 12, a few years of working, has now travelled through Europe for the 3rd time and next year will be finalising her uni studies.

Everyday I think about how lucky we are to have a talented young lady that is not on unnecessary medication.

Miss H was wetting the bed and not sleeping when she was 7, and my girlfriend suggested I should try a Himalayan Salt Lamp. 

I was skeptical to start with but OMG it worked she slept for 10 hours and didn’t wet the bed after that, so I purchased numerous Himalayan Salt Lamps and placed them around the house and in the bedrooms. 

I then had friends purchasing them off me and that’s how my Himalayan Salt business started.



Disclaimer – Himalayan Salt may not be suitable for use by all individuals as results may vary from person to person. If you have any concerns regarding your health and wellbeing please consult a medical practitioner before using our products.