SealPod 2 Pack Reusable Coffee Pods HWC Australia

2 Pack SealPod Reusable Coffee Pod Nespresso Compatible

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SealPod is the Nespresso®* compatible coffee capsule that’s making a real difference.

Did you know that Australia alone is estimated to dispose of around 6 million coffee capsules every day? That’s over 2 billion coffee pods added to landfill each year.

This reusable coffee pod is designed to last a lifetime, so you can reduce your environmental impact with every brew.

What’s more, SealPod gives you the freedom to use your Nespresso®* coffee machine with any finely ground coffee beans or loose-leaf tea. Simply fill, tamp and seal to enjoy a barista style cuppa at home.

Always have a capsule of your favourite blend or single origin coffee (or even tea!) on standby by prefilling and storing your SealPods ahead of time. Then, simply drop the SealPod into your Nespresso®* machine as you normally would to enjoy the perfect extraction.

Two Pack contains^:
2 SealPod Stainless Steel Capsules
2 Fresh Covers
100 Espresso Sticker Lids
1 Scoop