Aroma Jar Candle

Aroma Jar Candle

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A gorgeous little collection of handcrafted mini soy candles that come in an array of beautifully unique fragrances.

These cute mini’s make the perfect little wedding favours, thank you or thinking if you gift that comes with a gift tag that can be personalised.

Approx 95g soy wax candles with 100% pure cotton wick.


FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH - A unique scent of ambery, woody, citrus and musk tones.

BASIL & CUCUMBER - A fresh subtle musk and floral scent.

SANDALWOOD - A true Sandalwood scent, with a combination of sweet and woody aromas.

THYME & OLIVE - The fresh scent of olives and olive leaves combined with citrus and fruity notes.

OUD, BERGAMOT & PEPPER - Florals and sultry spices of tonka beans, pepper and a touch of clove.

BOHEMIAN MUSK- A full bodied musk combined with sandalwood and vanilla.

GINGER FLOWER & HEMP- A floral fragrance of ginger flower brightened with bergamot and lemon leaf.

CITRUS SPLASH- A true blend of punchy citrus flavours, a perfect summer blend.

SAGE LEAF- Think wilderness with a true hint of sage.

GREEN TEA & BERGAMOT- Aromatic fragrance combining subtle green tea with the bitter fruity bergamot.

LUNAR ECLIPSE- A sultry amber and musk scent, with fruit top notes and a divine middle of jasmine floral.

TONKA DELIGHT- Full bodied deep earth and woodsy blend.

PEACH & LEMON TEA- A fruity fragrance combining the sweetness of the peach and the bitterness of lemon.

FIG LEAF & CEDAR- Fruity top notes, fresh green middle finishing with grounding woods.

FRENCH LAVENDER & YLANG YLANG- A beautiful crisp floral fragrance.

TURKISH MOCHA- Beautifully blended coffee notes with the sweetness of sugar and vanilla, but balanced with the star anise.

NAKED - Fragrance free.